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Right, enough of this faffing about…


So, I’ve been playing with re-doing this website over the past 2 years and finally got around to taking the finger out (hear that… POP!) and getting it up and running. It’s been a fun process. I really like the homepage and to put things into a time context, there was no CSS3 support for the ideas I had when I first designed it. Now there is, so I have implemented this site in HTML5 and CSS3 (where I can make it all as cross browser compatible as possible).

You’ll notice that after the homepage, the site is split into three distinct sections. There’s a good reason for this. There are a few things I do and do passionately. I considered long and hard how I might bring these worlds of interest together. I thought about three or more distinct websites. I thought about one all inclusive website. Nothing seemed to fit and this, in its own way, extended the day when the site would finally go live. I hit upon the idea of keeping all the sites based on the one theme, with a simple introductory page while doodling on the back of an envelope(like all good ideas). My name followed by my primary interests; it pretty much designed itself. I hope that I will be able to live up to the grand idea I had.

The three sites are in no order of importance as I found it next to impossible to allocate such. I also debated long and hard (not on my own) as to the order the links on the homepage should go and the order of the global navigation at the top of the screen. The only thing I could decide upon for certain was that one should mirror the other. Even the colour scheme has taken its time to finalise and I must admit, may yet change again. Feedback on these subjects will always be much appreciated.

Web development is my job and my interest. I can happily work on websites all day and all night (and have done in the past). This interest will be expressed and can be followed through the blog on I have also redirected the domain of my company, square peg design to this site. This company still exists, but for the moment, as a private individual, it makes more sense to showcase my work within the confines of this site, rather than breaking away into something new. This will change in the future so watch this space!

Photography has been the one hobby I have kept up over the past 20 years and as a result is actually no longer a hobby. Neither is it a profession. I just enjoy doing it. I enjoy taking it seriously and I have had reward for this, not least with inclusion in the RHA Annual and with my first one-man exhibition of photographs in November 2010. The site will cater to the needs of this work.

Finally, I have always been interested in blogging, being an active blogger on the Arekibo website (my employer) and previously the webBusters website (back before we called them blogs!), although I will admit, I don’t always know what I want to blog about!!! My many varied interests including music, movies, books and rugby (I am an avid Munster & Irish rugby fan and a Leinster Branch Referee) will appear within this blog,

Finally the site is still quite rough and requires a lot of tweaking here and there. Expect things to get better over the coming weeks.

Remember, you can always access each of the other sites from the global navigation at the top right of the website, or from the main homepage

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay.